Audi dynamic campaign tracks and reacts to traffic and weather

The latest campaign for Audi developed by BBH and Grand Visual is designed to highlight the brand’s Sixth Sense technologies.

The campaign is currently running on more than 200 digital displays across the UK and is scheduled to be rolled out in Belfast in March.  You will see the campaign in action on Bravo’s Titanic digital billboard opposite the SSE Arena and Citibank in Belfast.

Monitoring information supplied by Google and the UK government, the campaign reacts to changes in traffic and weather conditions.  If traffic conditions cause vehicles to move slowly in front of a digital billboard the creative for Pre-Sense is displayed.  If traffic is normal and free-flowing the dynamic campaign looks at current weather conditions.  If there is rain, hail or snow the corresponding creative for Quattro is displayed.  If both traffic and weather conditions are clear the default creative of six images representing the Sixth Sense technology is displayed.

Grand Visual are responsible for a number of similar campaigns over the past year where the creative reacts to various data feeds.  The Specsavers ‘More Important Than’ campaign, showcased on Bravo’s digital billboards, reacted to topical news stories to encourage viewers to register for eye tests and a digital billboard campaign for Virgin Trains showed real-time comparisons of car and train travel times in three UK metropolitan areas.