Landlords, If you own a site suitable for outdoor media use, we can help you to release cash from your estate and media assets. 

If you own, or manage a shopping Centre, retail premises, airport, or entertainment venue, talk to us today about a site valuation.


Property/Land Owner

Own property or land and interested in earning passive income? Speak to us today about installing a digital billboard.

Billboard Owner

Already own a traditional or backlit billboard? Increase your revenue by upgrading to a digital billboard. Speak to our team today.

How We Can Help

If you have land or property on a busy road we can assess the viability of installing a digital billboard. We own Ireland's biggest network of large format roadside digital billboards and we're always looking for opportunities to expand our portfolio. Call today to find out more about partnering with Bravo.

What We Do:

  • Free assessment of your site(s) for viability.
  • Manage planning requirements.
  • Source, install and maintain digital billboard(s). 
  • Sell advertising space to agencies and local advertisers.
  • Pay you rent/commission!

Call us today for more information.

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