A+ for Education Institutions using Digital Out of Home Advertising

From primary schools to colleges and universities we’ve seen a steady rise in education institutions harnessing the power of digital out of home (DOOH) advertising to reach potential students. Here are three reasons why they’re finding DOOH so effective: Beating the Blockers A growing number of internet users are increasingly reluctant to engage with unsolicited and intrusive ads online. A significant number of users install ad blockers on both desktop and mobile devices to avoid online ads altogether. Reaching the Influencers DOOH is extremely effective at reaching parents, who react well to traditional advertising methods and clear meaningful messaging. This is a key benefit of DOOH that can be tapped into as many parents play a significant role in helping to choose the next school, college or university for their child. Right Place Right Time Studies suggest that out-of-home entertainment is the biggest expense for students besides rent. As students are very likely to be on the move and out of home DOOH advertising is increasingly the platform of choice for reaching them. DOOH allows schools to target local demographics while colleges and universities have the ability to advertise further afield to attract and convert more students nationally and internationally.